The importance of originality in fashion

Osama bin Laden wore clothes and a first born baby wears clothes. These demands left the fashion industry with little to no material for production. Hats had already begun their decline in the previous decade and were now almost completely extinct except for special occasions.

We decided to use passenger airlines instead of ocean freight. She was offered Research Fellow in the University of Gloucestershire. A bustless, waistless silhouette emerged and aggressive dressing-down was mitigated by feather boas, embroidery, and showy accessories.

Fashion Is Everywhere

The work of Dries van Noten was founded on a solid mastery of the art of tailoring, to which the young designer added discreet touches of fantasy in a highly personal style. Just take a look at the marijuana market in California.

The Importance Of Originality In Fashion

That child 50 years ago, from the same milieu would not have access to Dior, the Vogue archives and so on. Retro clothing inspired by the s and s was popular for much of the s.

At the start of the decade skirts were knee-length, but steadily became shorter and shorter until the mini-skirt emerged in From the outset, the line was dynamic, urban, and understated, androgynous in inspiration. The importance of art is that which is a reflection of an artist's soul and a tangible and retraceable movement of his or her imagination which in turn stimulates our own imagination and creativity.

What have been the biggest changes in fashion over the past quarter century, and what do you think the future holds? These are people like Chanel, Armani and Miuccia Prada. How can you create a better first impression?

In the discourse of humanity, fashion is a conversation about who we are and who we are not. Claire McCardellAnne Kleinand Cashin formed a remarkable trio of women who laid the foundations of American sportswearensuring that ready-to-wear was not considered a mere second best, but an elegant and comfortable way for modern women to dress.

It can be as simple as something you put on to make yourself feel beautiful, or as dynamic as something illustrative of culture, time and its transformations.

Looking at original art at home gave me a greater and direct sense of wonder about the world. For me to manufacture in LA is cheaper than going offshore.

German fashion

One of the most popular designers of the time, he was almost too successful in fulfilling his customers wishes.

Meanwhile, rapidly developing new technologies made it increasingly easy to manufacture an ever-improving, high-quality product.

Faced with the threat of a factory-made, fashion-based product, Parisian fashion couture mounted its defenses, but to little effect.The Importance Of Originality The bottom line on being original boils down to one thing.

You were born original with a unique set of characteristics, traits, talents and skills. THE IMPORTANCE OF ORIGINALITY IN FASHION BY FIRUZÉ FRENCH The Importance of Originality in Fashion By originality in fashion, I'm not talking about the originality of everyday people and their fashion style, what they wear and how they wear it.


This study is an attempt to investigate the impact of social media on fashion industry as social media is getting very much in and within the past decade a remarkable development has been witnessed. Click in to take a look back at the most influential fashion trends in history, decade by decade.

I do believe the fashion stigma comes from the commercial/retail side of the fashion industry. There's cultural significance, and a means of artistic expression that everyone forgets about fashion.

The Importance Of Originality In Fashion

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The importance of originality in fashion
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